Enjoy the best VR experience available

Dedicated rooms with freedom to walk around, crouch, lean, duck, even lie on the floor in VR if you want to. Choose how you look, meet up with a friend, play paintball, take photos, go on a laser quest, play frisbee golf, team up on a hero quest with bows and arrows, shoot fireworks, be a god of cats, be a gourmet chef, play fetch with a robot dog, visit Venice, make balloons in a cave in Iceland, throw the planets around and much more.

Quick look at our features

Large library of experiences

Choose from a wide selection of VR experiences, both together and solo, kid friendly to super realistic, it’s all here for you to enjoy.

Affordable rates

VR equipment and the machines to power it are expensive, we have the latest gear for you to simply put on and enjoy with no hassles.

Friendly knowledgeable service

Our staff will calibrate the headset so it is just right for you, explain the controls and take you gently into the VR world of your choosing.